FS110-a Four-Stroke

Maximum Muscle - Minimum Mess!

You don't compromise, and you don't want your engine to, either. The FS110-a doesn't compromise on performance, delivering 12.5% more power than the FS-91SII in the same space! But high-performance doesn't mean high-maintenance. Engine blow-by is trapped and re-used to constantly lubricate and bathe the engines working parts inside reducing friction and prolonging engine life. Plus, the new system eliminates messy cowls and other oil drainage. What's left is a first-rate engine that sets new standards and exceeds all expectations. It's the FS110-a from O.S. - the 4-stroke with muscle.

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The blow-by oil treatment system eliminates the need for a crankcase vent. The result: no more oily cowls or cleanups - just continuous lubrication and longer engine life.
osmg0990 - FS110-a engine
The specially designed long venturi reduces blowback, while simultaneously improving air/fuel flow and fuel consumption.
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Stock Number: OSMG0990
Displacement: 1.10 cu in (18.0 cc)
Bore: 1.196 in (30.4 mm)
Stroke: 0.976 in (24.8 mm)
Practical rpm range: 2,000-11,000
Output: 1.77 hp @ 10,000 rpm
Engine weight: 19.2 oz (600 g)
Muffler weight: 2.3 oz (72 g)
Includes: 60Y carburetor, F-5040 muffler & F glow plug

Primary Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed

Field Equipment

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed

Optional Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 APCQ1309   LP13090  APC 13x9 Pattern Propeller 1
 APCQ1310   LP13010  APC 13x10 Pattern Propeller 1
 DTXR0185   DTXR0185  Duratrax Engine Tuning Screwdriver 1
 DTXR0187   DTXR0187  Duratrax Engine Tuning Tool 1
 GPMP2000   GPMP2000  Great Planes 4-Way Prop Wrench 1
 GPMQ4131   GPMQ4131  Great Planes Silicone Fuel Tubing Standard 3' 1
 GPMQ4150   GPMQ4150  Great Planes Ultra Precision Fuel Filter 1
 HCAP3300   HCAP3300  Hobbico TorqMaster 180 Heavy Duty 12 Volt 1
 HCAP3305   HCAP3305  Hobbico Panel Ready TorqMaster 180 1
 MASQ1160   MA1410B  Master Airscrew 14x10 Beechwood Propeller 1
 OSMG6334   72200060  O.S. 4-Stroke Valve Adjustment Kit 1
 PAAP1453   PT31  Pacer Zap After-Run Engine Oil 1 oz 1
 TOPQ5171   TOPQ5171  Top Flite 14x8 Power Point Propeller 1
 TOPQ5180   TOPQ5180  Top Flite 15x8 Power Point Propeller 1
 TOPQ5205   TOPQ5205  Top Flite 16x8 Power Point Propeller 1
 ZINQ1305   704  Zinger 13x10 Wood Propeller 1