12XZ Speed Spec III ABL

12XZ Speed Spec III

The O.S. engineers have taken superior Speed Spec performance to the next level! In addition to smoother acceleration from idle to full throttle, the 12XZ Speed Spec III also has increased low-to mid-range torque. Donít worry: the impressive top end speed remains the same!

  • Available separately is the T 1070SC L52 silencer, which has been tuned to match the 12XZ Speed Spec III engine
The crankshaft features DLC coating, a pressed-in Tungsten weight and ceramic rear ball bearing.
The cylinder linerís outer diameter is slightly thicker (0.5mm), resulting in redesigned port angles for better air/fuel flow. The piston features a tapered surface with a depression in the middle to work better with the head button.
outer head
The outer head is 1mm shorter and sits 6mm lower over the crankcase, for less overall weight while also lowering the CG.
12F2(B) carburetor
The new 12F2(B) carburetor delivers sharp acceleration and instant throttle response.
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Stock Number: OSMG1992
Displacement: 0.128 cu in (2.1 cc)
Bore: 0.543 in (13.8 mm)
Stroke: 0.55 in (14.0 mm)
Practical RPM range: 5,000-44,000
Output: 1.73 hp @ 35,000 rpm
Weight: 7.9 oz (225 g)
Includes: 12F2(B) carburetor, RP6 glow plug, exhaust seal ring, dust cap set, 5.5 mm red carb reducer

Primary Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 ODOP3320   ODOP3320  O'Donnell 20% Racing Quart 1

Field Equipment

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 DTXP0300   DTXP0300  Duratrax Glow Starter C Battery 1
 HCAP2550   HCAP2550  Hobbico 4-Way Wrench w/Plug Storage 1
 HCAP3001   HCAP3001  Hobbico After Run Engine Oil 2 Fl Oz 1

Optional Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 DTXR0185   DTXR0185  Duratrax Engine Tuning Screwdriver 1
 DTXR0187   DTXR0187  Duratrax Engine Tuning Tool 1
 OSMG2973   72107600  O.S. T-1070SC L52 Pipe Set 1
 SULQ2387   S187  Sullivan CT-1 Screen Fuel Filter 1

The O.S. 12XZ Speed Spec III wins the 2012 Japan Nats in its debut!

Takaaki Shimo Car

The 1/10 Scale GP Touring Car Japan Nats was held September 7-9 at the Mie Prefecture circuit in Hokusei. Even with intermittent rain on the final day, Takaaki Shimo took home the championship for the second time in 5 years. One of the major factors in his victory was equipping his car with the O.S. 12XZ Speed Spec III engine ó it produced the power and speed needed to stay ahead of the competition, along with improved fuel mileage that allowed Shimo to plan his pit stops more efficiently. These are just some of the advantages youíll enjoy in your own racing when you mount a 12XZ Speed Spec III engine in your car!