Carburetor/Engine Cross Reference

O.S. Carburetor Types
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OS Stock No.TypeType of Engine
293830108AA-RNBGX-1 3500
293810109B61 VR-M, 65 VR-M, 81 VR-M, 65 VR-DF, 91 VR-DF
2178300010G15 LA
2108100010H10 LA
2158100010K15 CV-A
2188300011G18 CV-R (P), 18 CV-RX
2153800011H12 TZ (P)-T3, 12 TZ (P)-T5
2188400011J18 CV-R, 18 CV-RX, 18 CV-RX (S), 18 CV-R-M, 18 CVR-MX
2198200011K18 TM, 18 TZ (P), 21 TM
2198201011K-R21 TM
2188401011L18 TZ Turbo, 18 TZ(S) Turbo, 18 TZ-TX
2141800012D12 TG (P)
2141801012D212 TG, 12 TG VII
2142800012E12 TG-(P), 12TG-X
2168300012F12 XZ
2168201012F2(B)12 XZ Speed Spec III
2168200012FB12 XZ(P), 12 XZ Speed Spec II
2348100020C32 SX-H, 32 SX-HX, 32 SX-MX
2268103020D25 FX, 21 VZ-M
2348200020F32 SX
2258100020H25 LA
2538200020J21 XM, 21 XM VII
2348300020M37 SZ-H
2388200021D21VZ-M, 21 XZ-M
2361803021F21 VG (P)
4161803021G49PI II Wankle
2284801021J21 VZ-B(P) V-Spec, 28XZ, 28XZ(P)
2248100021J219 XZ-B, 21 XZ-B
2248100221J2(B)21 XZ-B
2284803021JN25 XZ (P)
2381807021JS21 VZ-B(P) V-Spec II
2318100021K25 AX, 35 AX
2208200021M21 XZ-R
2408100040D40 LA, 46 LA
2558100040A46 VX-M, 46 VX-DF
2568101040B40 FX, 46 FX, 50 SX
2408100040D46 LA
2468100040G46 AX
2578100040J55 AX
2468101040K46 AXII
2588100040L55 HZ-H Hyper
2588101040LR55 HZ-R DRS
4428100040NFS-52 Surpass
4528500040PFS-40S-C, FS-40S-CX
2958100060F91 FX, 1.60 FX
2658100060J65 LA
2708100060K70 SZ-H
2708101060K-C91 SX-H C Spec
2908302060LH50 SX-H Hyper
2908400060M91 SX-H Ring C Spec, 91 SZ-H
2918300060M-C91 RZ-H, 91 SZ-H
2918301060M-P91 SZ-H Hyper
4598300060NFS-91 w/Pump, FS-91 II w/Pump
4598400060PFS-91 II w/o Pump
4408200060RFS81-a w/Pump
2748201061A75 AX
2908503061B-PII91HZ-PS 3D
2908700061C95 AX
2698100061D65 AX
2908801061E91 HZ, 105HZ, 105HZ-R
2908800061ER91HZ-R 3D
2908804061G91HZ-R Speed 3C, 91HZ-R Speed 3D
2948100070A1.40 RX
2918200070D1.20 AX
4558200070NFS-120 Surpass III
4258100070RFS155-a w/Pump
4718100080TFR7-420 Sirius
29483010Air Valve1.40 RX FI
29781000WLA-2GT55 Gas
41618010 30 Wankel
46481000 FF-240, FF-320
45281020 FS-40 Surpass
45581000 FS-120E Surpass
46281000 FT-240, FT-300

Parts Listings for Discontinued Carburetors - Listings for discontinued carburetors. (Please note that not all parts are available for discontinued carburetors).