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Speed Racing Tools

For engine tools that stand the test of time, turn to the company with 75 years of engine experience. Engineered for user comfort, O.S. Speed tools offer you the best in superior strength and long, trouble-free use.

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Plug Wrench

Stock Number: OSMR2977


Flywheel Key/Centax Gauge

Stock Number: OSMR4001


Clutch Wrench/Centax Spring Adjustment Tool

Stock Number: OSMR4000


Flywheel Puller

Stock Number: OSMR4002


Driver Tool Set

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Note: first number indicates tip size; second number indicates tip length.

Stock Number: OSMR3000

Set includes:
OSMR3005   Speed Hex Wrench Driver 1.5 mm/120 mm
OSMR3006   Speed Hex Wrench Driver 2.0 mm/120 mm
OSMR3007   Speed Hex Wrench Driver 2.5 mm/120 mm
OSMR3008   Speed Hex Wrench Driver 3.0 mm/120 mm
OSMR3015   Speed Hex Wrench Ball Driver 2.0 mm/120
OSMR3016   Speed Hex Wrench Ball Driver 2.5 mm/120
OSMR3025   Speed Flat Blade Screwdriver 2.5 mm/150 mm
OSMR3035   Speed Nut Driver 5.5 mm/100 mm
OSMR3036   Speed Nut Driver 6.0 mm/100 mm
OSMR3037   Speed Nut Driver 7.0 mm/120 mm