Airplane Engines

Incredible power for every plane.

O.S. offers the finest engine for every plane and pilot, manufactured using today's most advanced CNC equipment. Two-strokes are available for sport fliers seeking ease and affordability, as well as those eager to have extra maneuvering muscle. O.S. 4-strokes deliver legendary power and durability along with rich scale sound. Some include regulating pumps for consistent operation regardless of fuel level or attitude.

Need a special engine for a special plane? Choose a ducted fan engine for your jet, or a 4-stroke multi-cylinder to complement your scale masterpiece's Golden Age looks.

GT Series engines bring gasoline power's advantages – low noise, easy tuning, increased fuel efficiency – to the O.S. airplane engine lineup. Custom-designed carbs, state-of-the-art electronic ignition systems and reinforced mufflers add to their performance and value!