GT60 Gasoline Engine

MORE POWER for 50 cc class aircraft!

With the GT60, O.S. gives fliers of 50 cc models everything they want in a gasoline engine — durability, efficiency, easy operation and super-strong performance.

O.S. takes advantage of liner-less cylinder construction for benefits that include lower weight, improved cooling, and exceptionally efficient exhaust scavenging. Intake and exhaust timing are perfected as well.

Instant throttle response makes the GT60 an outstanding choice for 3D flying. When you need more power ASAP, this engine delivers!

Without Muffler

With E-6020 Muffler

O.S. 2-year Limited Warranty

The GT60 is available with or without a Pitts-style E-6020 muffler. The muffler features anti-crush tubes for the mounting bolts and webbing reinforcements at high-stress points.
choke rod guide
A choke rod guide has been integrated into the crankcase for effortless set-up.
Pilots prefer a rear-mounted carb — and O.S. designers listened. The carb is custom-designed by Walbro specifically for the GT60.
liner-less cylinder
The GT60's liner-less cylinder head lowers weight, improves cooling, and contributes to increased scavenging efficiency.
Both versions of the GT60 include electronic ignition module and CM-6 spark plug. The GT60 with muffler also comes with gasket and bolts.
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Stock Numbers
    OSMG1560: GT60 without Muffler
    OSMG1561: GT60 with E-6020 Muffler
Displacement: 3.65 (59.91 cc)
Bore: 1.732 in (44 mm)
Stroke: 1.551 in (3.94 mm)
Practical rpm: 1,600-8,000
Output: 6 hp @ 8,000 rpm
Engine Weight: 49.38 oz (1,400 g)
Ignition Module Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)
Muffler Weight: 6.28 oz (178 g)

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Primary Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 GPMQ4135   GPMQ4135  Great Planes Gasoline Fuel Tubing 3' 1
 KSFP0310   KL-310  Klotz Gasoline RC Modelube 16 oz 1
 XOAQ2308   PJA23X8  Xoar Props 23x8 PJA Series Beechwood Propeller 1

Field Equipment

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 HCAP3200   HCAP3200  Hobbico TorqMaster 90 Deluxe 12V 1

Optional Accessories

Stock Number Mfr Number Product Description Quantity Needed
 BISG9251   9251  Bisson Inverted Muffler DA50 1
 DUBQ0427   554  Dubro Tygon Gasoline Tubing X Large 3' 1
 DUBQ0675   400  Dubro Gasoline Conversion Stopper 1
 DUBQ0896   898  Dubro I.D. Tygon Tubing 5/32" 25' 1
 GPMG2150   GPMG2150  Great Planes Gasoline Engine Ignition Kill Switch 1
 HCAM6425   HCAM6425  Hobbico LiFeSource LiFe 6.6V 1800mAh 10C Receiver U 1
 HCAM6435   HCAM6435  Hobbico LiFeSource LiFe 6.6V 2100mAh 10C Receiver U 1
 HCAM6445   HCAM6445  Hobbico LiFeSource LiFe 6.6V 3200mAh 10C Receiver U 1
 JTCG7950   JTCDA50WPL  J'TEC Radiowave Large Wrap Around Pitts Muf DA50R GT55 1
 OSMG8955   74003510  O.S. Standoff 5x6.4mm 1/4" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8956   74003520  O.S. Standoff 5x12.7mm 1/2" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8957   74003530  O.S. Standoff 5x19.1mm 3/4" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8958   74003540  O.S. Standoff 5x25.4mm 1" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8959   74003550  O.S. Standoff 5x31.8mm 1-1/4" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8960   74003560  O.S. Standoff 5x38.1mm 1-1/2" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8961   74003570  O.S. Standoff 5x44.5mm 1-3/4" GT55 (4) 1
 OSMG8962   74003580  O.S. Standoff 5x50.8mm 2" GT55 (4) 1
 TOPQ5260   TOPQ5260  Top Flite 22x10 Power Point Propeller 1
 TOPQ5265   TOPQ5265  Top Flite 24x8 Power Point Propeller 1
 TOPQ5270   TOPQ5270  Top Flite 24x10 Power Point Propeller 1
 XOAQ2212   PJA22X12  Xoar Props 22x12 PJA Series Beechwood Propeller 1