Race Results - 2011

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July 2011

Futaba and Dirt Burners Pull Off Another Race for the Ages!

5th Annual Futaba / O.S.® Engine Nitro Challenge
St. Louis, Missouri
July 15-17

Once again, the St. Louis Dirt Burners crew did an awesome job at prepping a track that would be extremely fun, yet extremely challenging to the racers. With the heat index in the upper 120 degrees and track temps above 150 degrees, the battles were not only against the other racers, but the elements as well. This year, however, Mother Nature did give us a break with absolutely no rain in the forecast.

It was another great year for entries at just over 250, and the excitement of each main event was electrifying. With the Intermediates and Experts running for Futaba radios, O.S. Engines and Futaba servos, most of the races came down to the last lap. The Pro drivers were racing for cold, hard cash and had to do it based on scores from the double A main format.

Pro Dash for Cash

This year's dash for cash was absolutely amazing with all six drivers actually leading a lap. When all of the dust settled, it was Futaba, O.S. and O'Donnell driver Josh Wheeler taking the $100.00, the $25.00 bonus for running a Futaba radio and O.S. engine, and the coveted pole position for the first A main.

Intermediate Arena Truck A Main

1st Brent Burns = Futaba 4PKS
2nd Robbie Seehafer = Futaba S9156 and S9157 Servo
3rd Bill Mason = Futaba S9157 Servo

Intermediate Buggy A Main

1st Chris Fugate = Futaba 4PKS
2nd Bill Mason = Futaba S9156 and S9157 Servo
3rd Richard Hess = Futaba S9157 Servo

Expert Arena Truck A Main

1st John Rodgers = O.S. 21XZ-B Engine
2nd Wes Lawrence (TQ) = Futaba S9156 and S9157 Servo
3rd Blake Everett = Futaba S9157 Servo

Expert Buggy A Main

1st Nigel Townsend = O.S. 21XZ-B Speed Engine
2nd Chris Marrant (TQ) = Futaba S9156 and S9157 Servo
3rd Jaun Hurtado = Futaba S9157 Servo

Pro Arena Truck A Main

1st Jason Branham = $400.00 (Futaba - O.S. Engines)
2nd Jimbo Kvidera = $250.00
3rd Sonny Ochoa = $100.00

Pro Buggy A Main

1st Ryan Lutz = $400.00
2nd Josh Wheeler = $250.00 (Futaba - O.S. Engines)
3rd Jason Branham = $100.00 (Futaba - O.S. Engines)

Futaba and O.S. would like to thank all the racers and the entire Dirt Burners crew for their hard work and support. We look forward to the 6th annual Futaba / O.S. Engine Nitro Challenge at Dirt Burners in 2012!

Congratulations to O.S. Driver Paul Dunlap! Paul took first place in 20 Open Tunnel running the new 21XM VII at the Centrailia, WA, July 4th Regatta. The boat was an Aquacraft VS1 Paul had two firsts and a second (he jumped the start and almost made up the extra lap). Paul reports that the 21XM VII is really running strong.

June 2011

O.S. Factory Driver Jerry Dunlap with the new O.S. 21XM VII powered Aquacraft VS1 at the recent NAMBA Nats. Jerry took 5th place against the piped boats in 20 Mod Tunnel. Jerry was the only boat to finish all four rounds. He had a first, two seconds, and a third. Jerry tied for first overall, and placed 5th out of 17 boats based on fastest time in a heat. The 21XM VII is now a NAMBA legal outboard in 20 Stock Tunnel. Well done Jerry!

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