Service, Parts and Discontinued Products - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

I've lost the manual for my OS engine. How can I replace it?

Please check our manuals page, where we have most of our product manuals available for downloading.

If the manual you are seeking is not available online, please contact Product Support.

I live in the U.S. and need to have my OS engine serviced. Where do I send it?

Please refer to our Repair Services page for the shipping address and instructions.

How can I find parts for my really old OS engine?

Please visit our discontinued parts page to see if we have a listing for your engine. If you are unable to find your engine in this listing, please contact us with detailed information on your exact engine and the parts you are seeking so we can see if we still stock your old parts.

I emailed a question to your product support address. How soon will I get an answer?

If you emailed our support teams, you should receive an automated response immediately or nearly immediately. (This automated response will inform you our normal response time is by the end of the next business day and provide you other important details to assist you.) If you did not receive a computer generated response within 24 hours, then something was wrong and your email was not received properly or there is something wrong with your reply to address set up in your email account. Please resend the email to us with a note that this is a second copy and please be SURE to provide us your full email address as well as at least one other means of daytime contact (phone, message #, fax, alternate email address).

The part for my older model is discontinued and my dealer has confirmed you do not list any substitutions. Can I use a part off a newer model?

We strive to reuse the same parts as much as possible to help allow long term parts support for older models and make things as easy as possible for our customers, our dealers, and our own inventory. If the specific part from your model is reused in another model, then the same part # is nearly always reused, maintaining continuity and parts support. If that specific item is no longer listed, and we do not list a substitution for it, then it is very likely we do not have anything that will be a direct replacement fit, and we cannot recommend attempting to modify parts from another model.

I have an older model which I'm not sure what it is. Can you help me identify it? Do you have instructions and parts for it?

It's far easier to identify the product visually, so we recommend you take your model to your local hobby shop or R/C club to see if a fellow modeler can help you identify it. If you would like us to try to assist you in identifying the product, please email us as complete a description as possible, preferably including photographs, and we will do our best to identify your item for you.

I am looking for further information on a discontinued product, but I couldn't find anything on your web site. Where can I find the information I need?

We will be happy to assist you. Please be advised, however, that depending upon how old your discontinued item is, we may only have limited information available to provide you. Please contact product support, being sure to provide full detailed information on your model, your full email address and at least 1 other means of daytime contact in your email.

I am interested in parts which you show as no longer available in the U.S. Is there any way to purchase these parts through you from the manufacturer directly?

In most cases if we do not have the item it is because it is no longer produced; however, occasionally we stop importing an item which the manufacturer still produces. If you wish to purchase an item we show discontinued, please contact your favorite dealer and ask them to special order the item. Note that they will need the actual manufacturer's part number, so you will need to locate this information (your model's manual may be helpful). Please note that it may take 2-4 weeks to get an answer from the manufacturer as they research the item if they do not have stock, then 4-8 weeks delivery time unless you choose to pay for air delivery.

I am looking for an item from this manufacturer. The hobby shop says you do not have stock of it here in the U.S. How can I get one?

Thank you for the interest in our product. Please contact your local dealer and provide them with the manufacturer number (or detailed description) of the item you desire. The dealer will contact Great Planes to find out the status of the item. If the item is no longer available from the manufacturer your dealer will inform you, otherwise he should be able to special order it for you. Ask the dealer to get a quote on the cost of the special order and you can decide at that time whether or not you want to order it.

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

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